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Cookies (COOKIES) - which are small text files that store information directly on computer the user's mobile phone or other device.

With the help of cookies the web server can save, for instance, preferences and settings on the computer user, it mobile phone or other device (s), which are then automatically restored when next visit. In other words, files, cookies (cookies) are designed to make use of site more Conveniently, for example, that the user does not repeat the login process the next time visit. Company uses both permanent and session cookies.

Persistent cookies are stored on the hard drive of the computer or device (which usually depends on the time storage of cookies, the default). Persistent cookies also include hosted third-party Web sites - "cookies of third parties." Session cookies are automatically deleted when you close the window browser.

The company may allow third parties, such as suppliers of promotional and / or analytical services, collect information using cookies directly into your website or mobile application to collect information about how you use the Website, in order to optimize your experience as a user, and for the purpose of show advertising outside of this Site. The data they collect to be protected in accordance with the current policy Privacy of these third parties.

Depending on the purpose for which cookies are used, they are usually divided into the following categories: Required cookies allow himself to use the Site and its basic functions. They usually established in response to your actions, such as logging in to your account on the site. These files essential for In order to use the Site.

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Analytical and performance allow cookies to store information about how you use Site and how just go to him. For example, the company keeps information about which pages you visit most often You receive an error message. This makes it possible to improve the operation of the Site, including providing quick access to important information that you are interested in. These cookies serve only to improve the quality of work Website.

Target or advertising cookies are created in order to memorize the number of visits to the Site, as well as scroll Pages that you open and links that go. These cookies are created in order to Did you receive Only relevant promotional information corresponding to your tastes. They serve only for that limit the number of impressions of your advertising messages, and help assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. We may also transfer this information to third parties (such as advertisers) for the same purpose.

You can cancel at any time by saving of cookies on your device. For this follow the instructions below.

Changing the settings of your web browser. If you want to delete the cookies are stored on your device, and set up your Web browser to refuse to accept cookies files, you can do it in your browser's settings section. Typically, navigation parameters related to cookies files can be found in the "Options" section, the "Tools" or "Options" web browser that you are using to access the site.

However, depending on the search browser to turn off cookies files can be used in various ways. For more information, see the following links:.

Please note that changing your browser options, and abandoning the use and conservation of cookies on your device, you can browse the Site, but some options or functions may not work.

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