Distinctive features

Of side loading waste truck

The side loading waste trucks “VLIV” is designed for the collection and transportation of solid domestic waste to the areas of its recycling. The simple and reliable design, braced with reinforcement ribs, reliable hydraulics, powerful compaction plate with leveler, the availability of the multipurpose shuttle of high load-carrying capacity, dumping unloading, traditional high compaction ratio – here are the distinctive features of the side loading waste trucks “VLIV”. All side loading waste trucks are equipped with chargehole lid, simple and reliable hand-held pendant with light. Due to the wide displacement angle of the shuttle, the number of transits between loads is reducing. The lightweight design allows to increase the load-carrying capacity of the side loading waste truck as a whole. The use of auxiliary equipment will greatly expand the scope of use and capabilities of the vehicle. In combination of the multipurpose tongs with removable grapple, the side loading waste trucks “VLIV” are the champions of universality: they serve all the most common types of containers from two-wheeled plastic containers of 60 liters up to euro type containers of 1100 liters, traditional containers K-0.75 and carry out the recycling of unauthorized waste dumps. The side loading waste trucks “VLIV” show the best performance factors under the conditions of mixed pool of containers, remoteness of container sites from approach roads or its absence.

Super Mini B

«Kid» with great opportunities

This model of the side loading waste truck is traditionally in demand because of its small size, high agility, ease of maintenance and low operating costs. The small size of the equipment (the hopper capacity of 9 cubic meters) does not prevent a big functionality. With additional tongs, the side loading waste truck of the model “SUPER MINI B” has manifold possibilities: one man of the crew is able to serve all types of containers and recycle the fly dumping.

Mini B

Waste truck of the small size

The distinctive feature of the side loading waste truck “MINI B” is that fact, that the construction can be mounted on the truck chassis with a different wheelbase. Having three variants of the hopper capacity – 10, 12 and 14 cubic meters, the equipment of the model “MINI B” is suitable for mounting on almost any type of medium tonnage vehicles and allows the most efficient use of all installed length of chassis. Minimum crew and manifold possibilities of all side loading waste trucks “VLIV” are also appropriate to this model.

Medium B

The model “Medium B” embodies all the advantages of the side loading waste trucks “VLIV” and additionally has high compaction ratio of waste, as well as extended capacity hopper. Due to the special shape of the hopper, and the availability of additional reinforcement ribs, the weight of the equipment is reduced, which gives the additional load-carrying capacity to the waste truck. The multipurpose shuttle with advanced functions, chargehole lid with a hydraulic drive, two jacks, two lift hopper cylinders, high power compaction cylinder, the compaction plate of reinforced structure – all this serve to increase the performance of the waste truck “Medium B”.

Super Medium B

Waste truck for specific purposes

Heavy duty waste truck of reinforced design for special purposes. It is slow but powerful. In combination with powerful three-axle chassis, the model of the waste truck “SUPER MEDIUM B” shows the wonders of load-carrying capacity and productivity. With all the power of structural design, the ergonomics of the work place allows one person to operate the side loading waste truck. The multipurpose shuttle with additional functions gives the universality to the waste truck “SUPER MEDIUM B”.


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