Skiploader truck

SKIP-LIFT is a skiploader truck for transportation of oversized and construction waste. Its design brought more in line with European standards. It requires a little space to work. This vehicle is able to lift cargo and horizontally, with no tilt, carry it over the obstacle that makes this truck most effective. One vehicle can serve dozens of containers. This system allows relatively easy lift heavy loads. Easy placement of the container and the ability to carry the container over the obstacles give more possibilities where space is limited. The effect of this system is particularly evident in the big cities, where speed is needed when space is limited.


Hook lift truck

Multilift is a hook lift system, which consists of handling mechanism with hydraulic drive and hanger. This vehicle is designed for construction waste disposal, landscape and industrial waste. It can also be used to carry other bulky cargoes. It fully meets the European standards. Due to that fact, that the filling of the hopper is carried out without the participation of the transport vehicle, at the same time it can carry other already filled containers. Loading and unloading of the container is carried out by one of the worker from the cabin. The basic idea that provide the basis of demountable bodies Multilift is that one truck can perform different types of work, through the use of different containers and bodies. Due to the large number of variants of use, this equipment meets the requirements of the most demanding customers. The system is mounted on almost any existing automobile chassis.


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