Blade "VLIV-302"

2019 model year

Blade "VLIV-302" is intended for snow removal and is a welded metal structure of a drop-shaped form, which is strengthened by the frame of rigidity and, due to its shape, eliminates the fall of snow mass into the windscreen during the movement of the car. Designed for installation on a vehicle of 16 tonnes total weight and above.

Blade «VLIV-300»

Extends the functions of the vehicle

Blade “VLIV-310” is designed for cleaning freshly fallen, not compacted snow and has the form of welded metal structure of cylindrical shape, which is braced with reinforcement ribs and, thanks to its shape, eliminates the contact of snow mass on the windshield while driving. It is designed for mounting on vehicles from 12 tons of total weight and higher. The blade is made in two variants - with hydraulic or pneumatic drive. The blade with pneumatic drive provides function of automatic lifting and lowering with manual turn of the blade to different directions. In the variant with hydraulic drive, the blade “VLIV-310” is equipped with autonomous hydraulic station. Lifting and lowering control, the blade angle of attack control is carried out from the driver's cabin. Autonomous drive system has higher technical and operational characteristics: no need to install additional hydraulic hoses, connection to power take-off device of the vehicle and is more reliable and less expensive to use.

Blade «VLIV-310»

For the first snow

It is proposed as additional option for mounting on vehicles with full weight up to 12 tons and is designed for cleaning of dry, soft snow on a flat surface, preferably in closed areas and inside of block passages. The blade “VLIV-310” is a welded metal structure of plow of cylindrical shape, made of refined steel and braced with reinforcement ribs. Vertical steering of operating devices is carried out from the cabin by means of pneumatic cylinder, the adjustment of the blade angle of attack is manual.

Blade "VLIV-301"

High speed blade

Blade "VLIV-301" is designed for snow removal and is a welded cone-shaped metal structure that is reinforced by stiffening ribs and, due to its shape, eliminates snow from falling into the windscreen while the vehicle is moving. Can be mounted on a vehicles with a full weight up to 16 tons.

Sliding metal container

For multilift

Containers are used for collection, storage and transportation of various cargoes, including construction materials and bulky waste. The hoppers are designed for service by multilift system (hook lift) and meet the European standards. Containers are equipped with cover fastening hooks and door lock striker. At the customer's request, container surface is precoated and painted in any color to protect it against corrosion. The height of the side, the length of the container, the height of the hook, the thickness of the side and bottom, the number of reinforcement ribs are the parameters that may be changed in accordance with the requirements of the client. Our company manufactures containers of any design, including made-to-measure ones.

Ladle-shaped metal container

For skip-lift

This type of containers is used on the systems of demountable bodies “Skiplift” for collection, mainly, construction and garden waste with subsequent transportation to the place of use or recycling. The container design combines the excellent correlation of the capacity to required space, which allows efficient use of the construction site area or any other place where it is located. The inclined container front makes it easier to unload the contents of the container during unloading. The thickness of the bottom, wall thickness, design of the tongs and fastenings may be changed at the request of the customer, taking into account specific conditions of use. Corrosion protection includes application of ground coats and enamels of various colors.


For elimination of fly dumping

Grapple is an additional attachment, which can be easily mounted on the shuttle of the side loading waste truck “VLIV”. The attachment is mounted instead of the grapple for container; replacement process takes about 5 minutes and is performed by one person. The grapple is intended to lift from the ground and load of the bulk waste into the hopper of the waste truck. This device allows to save consumption of manpower and machinery at the recycling of fly dumping. In comparison with the traditional method of cleaning of fly dumping, using this grapple the work can be performed by one person, one vehicle – a waste truck. At that, the waste fall into a hopper where they are compacted, which can significantly reduce the cost of its transportation to the place of recycling

Dumping container

For collection of industrial waste

Dumping container is used in production conditions for the collection of non-hazardous industrial waste. The container design provides grapples for a fork-lift truck, and besides that the additional mounting of the wheels is possible for manual container movement. Capacity of the container is provided with a displaced center of gravity, so that the container may automatically roll over after removing the safety catch. The hopper containers manufactured with capacity from 0.7 up to 1.5 cubic meters.

Container K-075

Classic container

K-0.75 is a simple, efficient, inexpensive container for the collection of solid domestic waste. Currently, it is the most widespread type of refuse container in former USSR. The feature of the container we produce is that the container walls are made with a bend that are additional reinforcement ribs, and it allows to weld the container walls not “toe-to-toe”. The corners of the container are reinforced with metal angles from the inside. Upper bracing boom is made of roll-formed channel, which is also more rigid than the traditional design of the metal angle. Very efficient design allows to use containers for a long time without additional maintenance. Besides, the variant of the container with the mounting of the lid and wheels is possible.


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